What is the bullet train? Japan’s bullet trains are pretty much the most famous contemporary trains the railways of the world have to offer. These sleek, futuristic-looking white trains – known as Shinkansen (literally “new trunk line”) in Japanese – are high-speed trains famous for their exceptional punctuality. Where does it go? The bullet train […]

Tourist Attractions In Bali

Bali is undeniably one of the most popular and evocative tourist destinations in the entire Indonesian archipelago. The intoxicating fragrance of incense and clove oil hangs in the thick tropical air the moment you arrived in Bali. Vendors of peanuts are everywhere at the roadside stalls, traditional gamelan music jangles against the noise of mopeds, […]

How To Look Like A Lady While Riding A Bike

After spotting a photo of actress Famke Janssen riding a bike in a floral frock and red ballet flats, we were stunned at how perfectly ladylike — and comfortable — the star looked. Our idea of bicycle attire has always been limited to T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. But alas, there’s no reason to sacrifice our feminine style […]